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" We Pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our meats come from..."

Welcome to So We MEAT Again, deli and smokehouse, but we aren't just your average franchise deli. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our meat comes from. We get all of our deli meats from our own meat production factory, Shannon's Deli Meats.

With Shannon’s Deli Meats, you can never go wrong. Our slow-roasted meats, hand selected varieties, and family recipes passed down through the generations ensure every cut of meat we produce is the very best in value and quality. So, not only can you come in to enjoy our delicious sandwiches, you can purchase all of your deli meats here as well. We have 60+ unique cuts of meat to choose from, including our new sausage line. When's the last time you picked up Cheddar and Green Chili Chicken Sausage at your neighborhood grocery store? 

We invite you to meet our meat!

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